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1. Send an email to the webmaster with the subject line "Preorder" and a list of the games you would like.

Please note:

  • Days of Wonder games are not available through our distributor at this time. This includes the "Ticket to Ride" games, The "Shadows Over Camelot" series, and also the wargame "Memoir '44."
  • Orders for Collectible Card Games (CCGs) will be by the lot; a box of boosters instead of individual packs, or a box of pre-constructed decks, not pick-and-choose or random themes.

2. Inventory will be delivered every 1-2 weeks, dependent on sales volume in order to economize the shipping rates, but with no more than 2 weeks between shipments.

3. An email with a link to a personalized page containing your ordered products will be sent to you. At that time you may purchase your items. Products not purchased within 7 days will then be listed on the general site for open purchase and the page link will be deactivated.

4. Products will be packaged and shipped within 3-5 days of receipt of payment.